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Hair is indeed one’s crowning glory - you can have the prettiest face in the world but if your hair is messy and outdated with the latest hair trends, it can make you look dull and boring. One’s hairstyle also says much about one’s personality and can provide the vibrancy and x-factor one needs to get that perfect look. The demands of today’s busy lifestyle though may make the time needed for hairstyling a luxury for many. Good thing, there is a product that aims to offer a solution for this predicament that most women face: the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron.

About InStyler Rotating Hot Iron

The InStyler Rotating Hot Iron is a new and unique hairstyling tool, said to be the best tool of its kind that is available today. The InStyler tool consists of a rotating cylinder with an attached rows of brushes. The cylinder and the brush parts can be separated when it is not being used. The rotating cylinder served as the curling iron that styles the hair according to how one desires.

The cylinder has three temperature settings that can be adjusted when styling the hair. Meanwhile hair is smoothed and combed by the use of the brush. Instyler gives more benefits than just styling the hair because unlike other curling irons that may leave the hair dry and lifeless; Instyler will leave the hair shiny and silky.

What Makes It Effective

The InStyler Rotating Hot Iron is a very useful product because it is a challenge for most women to find the time for hairstyling today. It is also very expensive, time consuming and unrealistic for one to be in a salon everyday just to get her hair styled the way she wants it. With Instyler, women can style their hair depending on their mood for the day quickly and easily.

The unique design and parts of InStyler makes it very effective. As the hot tool glides through the hair via a rotating cylinder, the first set of brushes combs and splits the hair making sure that heat is evenly distributed. While the rotating hot iron styles the hair, the second set of brushes then works to give the hair a smooth and beautiful finish.

Compared to other heating tools for the hair, one need not worry that their hair may get damaged or burned because the InStyler rotating hot iron uses less heat and the first sets of comb helps to distribute the heat all throughout the hair. This way, one can be sure that each hair strand is polished and styled.

How to Use

Here’s a step by step guide in using InStyler:

It is important to read the instructions that come with the package and allot a few hours of practice in handling InStyler before actually using it in your hair. It is also recommended to visit its official website that displays a video guide on how to use it. This is because the tool is a bit bulky and there is a risk for one to get burned.

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Where to Buy

The InStyler can be purchased at its official website

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Mandy Wrote:
I have had my in styler over a year use it daily love it. The brushes have worn down is the only down fall. Takes 5 minutes, I have fine med length hair.
Posted on May 21, 2012, 12:04 am         
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