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Aging begins at the moment of conception. It is an inevitable process that is accompanied by a horde of signs and symptoms. As we get on in years, these become more noticeable. The skin is one of the organs that develop the most noticeable symptoms. Soon, you’ll start to see wrinkles and discolorations. There are a lot of ways to prevent, treat, and regress skin aging. One company in the business of producing skincare products that also focus on the treatment of skin aging is La Prairie.

About La Prairie

La Prairie is a Swiss company producing a range of skin and beauty products. It is known for being a high-end, luxury brand. One of the company’s goals is to show light on the art of ‘graceful aging’.

The company traces its history back to the Clinque La Prairie in Montreux. They are touted as pioneers in the world of cellular anti-aging treatments. The company prides itself in its ‘scientific approach to beauty’. They report the use of state-of-the-art treatments based on the Cellular Complex, which was developed by the company’s laboratories.

The company claims that their products helps to prolong the youthful appearance of the skin, no matter the type. Fighting off premature aging is also another key goal for La Prairie products. The company also states that they are proud of their commitment to excellence.

La Prairie Products

• Skincare
• Colour
• Fragrance

The above are the product categories found under the La Prairie brand. These categories contain products designed for the different needs of men and women alike. Under Skincare, consumers can find everything from moisturizers to eye care creams. A leading product in this category is the La Prairie Swiss Moisture Care, which is a rich moisturizer designed to protect the skin against weather changes and hormone induced skin dryness. Cellular care and sun care products are also available under the skincare line.

The company also produces a makeup line, which is mostly made up of concealers, foundations, and tinted moisturizers. These products are designed to protect the skin while hiding minor flaws, resulting in younger looking skin. Products under the Colour category include the La Prairie Brow Pencil, the La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation, and more. Colour products from La Prairie are designed to be worn throughout the day and are said to help maintain coverage for extended periods.

Several fragrances are also produced under the La Prairie including Silver Rain, Life Threads, and Midnight Rain.

La Prairie Collections

• The Platinum Collection
• The Caviar Collection
• The Radiance Collection
• The Anti-Aging Collection
• The Advanced Marine Biology Collection

The Platinum Collection features the Platinum Rare Cellular Cream. The cream is designed to help give the skin a softer look and help protect it from signs of aging.

The Caviar collection contains a range of products that are designed to treat the loss of skin firmness and elasticity. It features caviar extract as well as a blend of rich moisturizers and proteins that are designed to have an immediate firming effect on the skin.

The Radiance Collection, as its name suggests, is designed to give the skin a radiant look. The collection is composed of several products including a Cellular Radiance Cream, and a Cellular Radiance Eye Cream.

The Anti-Aging Collection is composed of several products that are geared towards the prevention and regression of signs and symptoms of skin aging. Products in this collection include a Longevity Serum, an Anti-Aging Night Crème, a Day Cream and an Eye Cream. The collection also contains foundations and SPF rich emulsions.

The Advanced Marine Biology Collection contains products that are based around ingredients sourced from marine life. They are designed to protect the skin from free radicals and help to maintain its elasticity. The collection contains a tonic, a night crème, and a day cream.

User Feedback

La Prairie is a high-end luxury skincare line that has been around for quite some time. Over the years, it has received mixed reviews from users and critics alike. Below are some of the positive and negative points associated with their products.

La Prairie contain natural ingredients, which is a big selling point for people who have sensitive skin and those that have allergies to synthetic ingredients. The company also has a wide range of products to choose from and are widely available. The products are also available direct from the La Prairie website.

The website is also a great destination for clients who want to know more about skin aging. The Skincare Consultation part of the site educates visitors on both the early and advanced signs of skin aging.

One problem that some customers have about La Prairie is their price range. Their products can be a bit expensive compared to other brands that produce the same results. An ounce Cellular Wrinkle Cream, for example, retails for $120. In addition, the company does not offer clients with a free trial period or free samples. This can be a negative point for first time users who are reluctant about spending too much on a product they are not familiar with.

The company also does not offer an automatic shipment program. Consumers, however, can avail of shipment programs when they purchase from other retailers.

The website also does not provide a specific list of ingredients. An ingredient list would be helpful to users who are concerned about allergies and product-to-product compatibility. This lack of insight into what is actually in the product can make it difficult for users to find out how the product actually works.

Where to Buy

La Prairie products are available worldwide. They have stores in the US, Asia, Oceania, and in Europe. The brands official website provides consumers information on where they can find products in their area. A store locator is also available to consumers who visit the La Prairie site. Products are also available from some of the top online shelves including Amazon and

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