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Toe fungus can be one of the most stubborn things to get rid of. It seems that no matter what you do, it still manages to persist and get worse. Not only is it annoying, it can also be very embarrassing. Especially during the summer months when you just cant wait to slip on a pair flip-flops and visit the beach. Even getting a pedicure from a salon can be embarrassing.

There are a lot of remedies and treatments out there geared towards the elimination of pesky toe fungus. Some of them are home made, while others are sold commercially. The question is, do any of them work? Hardly any do. There are, however, those rare gems that seem to be most effective at curing that toe fungus. Miracle Plus, promises to be one of them and promises to work a - Miracle.

About the product

Miracle Plus is a two-part toe fungus treatment system. It first works by treating the fungus and second by restoring your toes to their former healthy glow. It is a prescription-free product that promises the following results:

The system is made up of two products:

The antifungal lotion is designed to eliminate deep rooted fungi that most products are unable to reach. It contains known antifungal chemical Tolnaftate, and Aloe and Tea Tree Oil that help relieve itching and soothes discomfort. The lotion is also designed to help keep the feet smelling clean and fresh.

The toenail softener and brightener helps to brighten or improve the appearance of discolored toes whether it be green, purple, brown, black, or yellow. It contains jojoba oil and comes with an applicator that can help reach the tiniest crevices in your feet.

What makes it effective?

When toe fungus sufferers hear about products like Miracle Plus, they react in a number of ways. They cab be glad that they have stumbled upon a product or they can be skeptical about it, jaded by the many times they have gotten their hopes up only to find that the product they chose doesn’t work.

Well, Miracle Plus, does promise to work. What makes the product effective is that it contains Tolnaftate. This ingredient, commonly used in the treatment of athlete’s foot and other foot related fungus, has shown positive results when sparred against the fungi that cause toenail rot.

Aside from Tolnaftate, Miracle Plus also contains Jojoba. It is an oil that has been used in herbal remedies for thousands of years. It is known for its anti-aging properties and for its ability to lighten skin discoloration - like those that may be caused by toe fungus.

Another ingredient found in Miracle Plus is Aloe Vera. This natural product also goes as far back as Jojoba. It its used as a moisturizing and soothing agent. It also contains antioxidants that helps prevent cell damage. In the Miracle Plus formulation, Aloe Vera helps to moisturize the skin and the nail, helping to bring it back to its former appearance.

Those three ingredients, plus a few more, combined, helps make Miracle Plus and effective product that works to not only to get of the fungi, but also to get nails looking healthier again.

How to use

The two-part system of the Miracle Plus can be used in the following manner

Step 1 - Apply the Miracle Plus System Anti-Fungal Lotion as often as needed

Step 2 - Use the Miracle Plus System Toenail Softener and Brightener to restore nails

The product comes with detailed instructions on how Miracle Plus should be used. Users, however, can use the following guidelines in order to ensure proper product use.

When it comes to fungal infections, and any other infections for that matter, contamination control is necessary. A patient with toe fungus should not share nail care tools, shoes, etc, with others. Doing so increases the risk of spreading the infection.

It is also important to watch out for signs and symptoms of infection when using Miracle Plus. These include rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the tongue, mouth, face, lips, and throat.

User feedback

Most of the users who have tried Miracle Plus are happy with the results they’ve seen. The company’s risk-free trial period also reflects on how much they believe in their product. In addition, Miracle Plus contains all natural ingredients and requires no prescription. The latter takes the hassle of going to the doctor’s office. In addition, Miracle Plus is competing with a lot of other products in the market, but it still manages to stand out, thanks to its two-part system that not only gets rid of the fungi, but also restores the healthy appearance of toes.

The only negative about Miracle Plus is the product’s official website does not give away a detail ingredient list. It only releases the names of highlighted ingredients.

Where to buy

The Miracle Plus System can be purchased direct from the product’s official website. The producers of Miracle Plus also offer their customers with Risk-Free Trial for 14-days.

Some stores and online shelves may also carry Miracle Plus. It is, however, important to remember that when purchasing products from a non-official retailer, consumers must make sure that they are purchasing an authentic product.

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Smiling_Nana Wrote:
Eeww this is so gross, my bf has toe fungus and he likes me to give him foot rubs and kiss his toes and stuff but yech! I told him only if he gets rid of it, he said I could shop around but he didn't want too...so this is totally great news! I'm gonna buy like 200 of them!!!
Posted on October 6, 2010, 4:01 am         
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