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SkinCeuticals was founded in 1997. They are known for their high quality products that work towards the improvement of the overall health of skin and its appearance. They were also one of the companies who pioneered the use of Vitamin C, which has been shown to protect skin against the premature signs of aging. They were also one of the very first companies to back their claims with scientific evidence and extensive clinical studies. The brand is also known not only for the production of preventive skincare products but also for their corrective and protective items.

The SkinCeuticals promise states that the company is dedicated to the improvement of skin health and to the production of high-quality products that are backed by science. Research and development is also important to SkinCeuticals. They, as a company, are connected with a wide network of leading specialists, biophysicists, chemists, doctors, and molecular biologists that aide the production of state-of-the-art skincare products.

Aside from their product lines, SkinCeuticals is also an avid supporter of educating people against the negative effects of UV light exposure as well as of other environmental factors and lifestyle choices that can affect the health of the skin. The company also offers free skin cancer screenings to the public. They also sponsor training, research, and studies that deal with the prevention of skin aging and the correction of skincare problems.

Products Under the SkinCeuticals Brand

SkinCeuticals has a wide range of products available to direct buyers as well as to professionals and skincare specialists. Their products may be segregarted by category, skincare regimen, and by skin condition.

SkinCeuticals Product Categories

• Cleanse and Tone
• Prevent
• Correct
• Moisturize
• Protect
• Body
• Skin Systems

The Cleanse and Tone category is said to have been formulated following exact skincare standards. Top ingredients found in the Cleanse and Tone category include alpha hydroxyl acids, gentle cleansing agents, and botanical extracts. Products under this line may also contain gentle exfoliating agents. Each product is also has a well balance pH level.

Preventive products by SkinCeuticals showcase the use of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is known for its anti-aging effects and capabilities. It has been known to work on the cellular level, preventing skin cell oxidation.

Products in the Correct and in the Protect categories are geared towards the correction of and protection from damage caused by aging, oxidation, and sun exposure. Products under this line contain ingredients that not only rehabilitate the skin, but also protect it from damage. Some of the ingredients showcased include retinol, botanical extracts, salicylic acid and skin lightening ingredients.

The brand also has a wide and varied range of skin moisturizing products. Their items include light to medium weight creams and serums that help to increase the hydration of the skin.

Below are the other categories that SkinCeuticals products fall under

Products by Skin Condition

• Problematic Skin
• Oily Skin<
• Normal/Combination Skin
• Dry Skin
• Sensitive Skin

Products by Skincare Regimen

• Day Skincare Regimen
• Night Skincare Regimen

How to Use SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals products come with a detailed usage guide. Consumers can follow the direction on the product label or on the product packet before they start using the items. Here, however, are some general guidelines that users can follow when using SkinCeuticals items

If any allergic reaction is observed, product use should be stopped and users should seek medical assistance.

User Feedback

A significant number of the users who have tried out SkinCeuticals products are happy about the results they got. The Vitamin C content, especially found in their prevent, correct, and protect categories, has helped to slow down and even reverse the signs and symptoms of skin ageing.

A factor that goes against SkinCeuticals is their price. A small bottle of their preventive Philoretin CF, for example, has a selling price of $150.00 for a small 30 ml bottle. For a lot of users, this is very expensive and makes them think twice about using products from SkinCeuticals.

Another problem that some users have with SkinCeuticals is that their product availability. Products from SkinCeuticals are ideally purchased directly from their website. Finding SkinCeuticals products on other online shelves can be challenging.

Where to Buy

Products are available for purchase direct from the SkinCeuticals official website. The products are ideally only available with direct purchase, but there are other online stores, like SkinMedix.

The products are also available from SkinCeuticals partner salons, spas, and dermatologists clinics. There are also retailers on eBay that sell SkinCeuticals products.

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